FINALIST in Screencraft's Cinema to Book contest for novel "Sex & Samosas"

About Me

Author/podcast Host/Screenwriter

Jasmine Aziz is a retired vibrator seller. Of the myriad of jobs she has had over the course of her life, it was the four years she sold adult novelty toys (yes, that means dildos and vibrators) that had the greatest impact on her and her writing.

Following a bad breakup and shortly after doing a "Bollywood Bachelorette" party during  those 'dildo days', Jasmine was inspired to write her first full length novel entitled, "Sex and Samosas".  If you haven't read it, why the heck not? It's really funny! 


Her second novel is being presented as a FREE audio book on her podcast, "Here She Comes: Confessions of a Retired Vibrator Seller". The podcast features chapters of the second book entitled "Bring Your Own Batteries", as well as interviews, product reviews and special guests, like Oprah...if she would only take the repeated, pestering calls...

Jasmine resides in the town where she was born, Ottawa, Canada with her husband and fellow author, Dan McNeil.

review of "Sex and Samosas"


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing story full of beautiful characters...

Such a wonderful story full of humour and love. Very well written with complex and compelling characters who are easy to fall in love with. Would make a great movie!